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We at Matt’s Music are devoted to providing quality through our products and service. Since being open in 2002, we have strived to serve our community through our experience and knowledge. We are your one-stop-shop for all your music needs. Whether it is lessons, strings, accessories, instruments, rentals or repairs, we can do it all. When music is a part of your life - you need a store you can call home! 

Acoustic Guitars - Electric Guitars - Ukuleles - Bass Guitars - Classical Guitars - Mandolins - Banjos - Cigar Box Guitars - Hand Percussion - Drum Accessories - Strings - Amps - Guitar Pedals - Cables - Microphones - PA Speakers - Band and Orchestra Rentals - And Repairs on Anything With String In House​

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  1. Know your budget

  2. Know what kind of music you want to play

  3. If buying for a child who wants to learn to play, don’t buy a toy guitar.

  4. Be very sure that the guitar is “set up” properly, allowing for the easiest playability

  5. Be sure the guitar is the correct size.

  6. Buy as much value as you can. 

  7. Buy a guitar for looks, feel and sound. 

  8. Be sure to get the most quality for the dollar.

We pride ourselves on providing quality tools for making music. We do the things the internet stores can not. Every instrument that comes into our store is fully inspected and set up. What does that mean? We make sure that the strings are as low as possible, the neck is straight, and it is a fully functioning instrument. All of this alleviates most of the pain associated with learning to play. This also insures you have the most success in your music journey. Whether you buy it from us or somewhere else we want to make sure you are set up for success. Come by and see us today. 

Band & Orchestra 


Matt's Music has a full line of Woodwinds & Brass Instruments available to RENT or BUY! Now you can get all the top brands like Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet, Gemeinhardt, Glaesel & Armstrong! In partnership with Music & Arts, we are able to provide the educator-approved quality instrument your student needs and our great local services all at an affordable rate.

Starting at only $29.60 a month (tax & insurance included), we are offering the BEST RENTAL PROGRAM in the county! You only have to commit to a month at a time, you can exchange instruments at any time, and your rental payments build equity towards purchasing an instrument if you choose! It's a great program with YOUR CHILD'S best interest in mind!

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Address: 211 S. Main Street

Templeton, CA . 93465

Phone: 805-237-0054

Email:  Office@MattsMusicAndMore.com

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