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Matt's Music has a full line of Woodwinds & Brass Instruments available to RENT! Now you can get all the top brands like Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet, Gemeinhardt, Strobel & Glaesel. In partnership with Music & Arts, we are able to provide the educator-approved quality instrument your student needs and our great local services all at an affordable rate.

Starting at only $29.60 a month (tax & insurance included), we are offering the BEST RENTAL PROGRAM in the county! You only have to commit to a month at a time, you can exchange instruments at any time, and your rental payments build equity towards purchasing an instrument if you choose! It's a great program with YOUR CHILD'S best interest in mind!


Click on the "RENT NOW" button below and you will be redirected to the Music & Arts website. Click on "USE QUICK CODE" and enter in "S8010", select your child's grade and click "GET STARTED". A box will pop up that should say "MATTS MUSIC, STAGE AND SCHOOL" (if it does not, go back and check the "Quick Code"), then select continue. From here it will ask your information about you and your student renting.

*If at any point you have a question please feel free to call!*

Once you have completed the online form, your information will process, it will notify us at Matt's Music, and then we will prepare your instrument for pick up. This usually happens between 24-48hrs. If it has been longer than 48hrs, please let us know. Again if you have any questions please contact us anytime!

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